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The Worlds 1st Security Switch


Handreamnet is a leading network security solution provider with a competitive edge against global vendors in network security and traffic management markets.  Internet usage patterns have changed and E-business volume is expanding, and so are the threats and damage caused by activities such as hacking, viruses, and worms, which are increasing in number. Handreamnet provides reliable solutions based on deep technology and expertise to secure network availability. Handreamnet is also making investments to solve the network overload traffic and to prohibit harmful traffic.

Prevention trouble in advance by blocking harmful traffic of DDoS in access level


.   Real time, automatic detection/blocking the harmful traffic such as DoS/DDoS attack and worm/virus, etc

.   Prevents internal spread of harmful traffic and lowering/down of network speed


Protection of confidential information and banking information of individual / company / public institution from ARP Spoofing attack


.   Protect from the risk of internal confidential information leakage, privacy infringement and financial loss through IP phone wire tapping, financial information

    hacking, ID/password hacking, etc.


Secure network in thin client / smart phone environment


.   Prevent network trouble by blocking harmful traffic by virus for companies that introduce thin client.


Full wire speed with security function


.   MDS(Multi Dimension Security) engine performs security function by analyzing traffic transmitted through switching fabric regardless of network speed.

.   Ensure maximum line performance by reducing additional loss of resources required for harmful traffic filtering


Smart Protection that blocks harmful traffic only

.   Selective blocking of the harmful packets or service ports which are infected by worm or virus=> Ensure major business continuity such as web service, mail

    service, groupware, etc


Integrated security management system(VNM) that can view the status of a network on the same screen


.   Able to monitor/manage network condition and status in real time even when workplaces are distributed

.   detail detected/blocked log and their history using diagram which enables easy understanding the status and taking counter action.



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