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HanDreamnet is a leading network security solution provider with a competitive edge against global vendors in network security and traffic management markets. Internet usage patterns have changed and E-business volume is expanding, and so are the threats and damage caused by activities such as hacking, viruses, and worms, which are increasing in number. HanDreamnet provides reliable solutions based on deep technology and expertise to secure network availability. HanDreamnet is also making investments to solve the network overload traffic and to prohibit harmful traffic.


HanDreamnet's banner product is the SG Security Switch Series (World's 1st Security Switch). It creates a safe network environment by checking various network attacks at different levels based on behavior blocking.


It promotes stable networking by embedding its patented MDS security engine:

.   Real-time detect/block harmful traffic

.   Block harmful traffic and transfer normal traffic safely

.   Full wire speed in all ports during the execution of security function


Provides Integrated Network Management Software:

.   Real-time monitoring of network status

.   Remote control of troubled/compromised switches

.   Support daily, weekly, or monthly reporting


Network continuity with self loop detection function:

.   Prevent Cable loop with self loop detect function

.   Rapid cause analysis and recovery by providing a trouble log

.   Rapid response to all troubles enabling continuous operation


MDS Web Alert:

.   User checks harmful traffic directly and induces virus treatment and Windows update

.   Send alert pop-up through web browser


Port Redundancy:

.   Duplex configuration with unmanaged switch

.   Prevent network stoppage due to LAN cable fault and interface fault

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