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IrisGuard Technology


IrisGuard Technology is based on the science that every human eye is different, providing a unique identifier for every person in the world.  It uses the varied characteristics of the human iris and delivers accurate, fast and secure biometric personal identification solutions.

IrisGuard EyeBank® solution includes IrisGuard cameras, software and backend servers that scan the iris and immediately compares it with every record in the bank database to give an accurate and reliable authentication.  

It is proven in real world operations and used in the field since 2001 to quickly and accurately identify tens of millions of people from more than 190 countries. Independent third party studies have confirmed the scientific reliability of IrisGuard EyeBank® solutions.


EyeGuard AD100

The world most accurate dual-eye Iris camera system, designed with large number of people to be enrolled.  It has been independently tested by third parties and found to have 0.00% FAR and 0.00% FRR.  The EyeGuard AD100 is robust, reliable and suitable to large scale deployments where millions of transactions are carried out per day.  Deployed in over 12 countries around the world in both indoor and outdoor situations is be used on a 24 X 7 bases, the EyeGuard AD100 is designed to serve.



The worlds first home-based Iris camera system: this intelligent auto-focus dual-eye and very high resolution iris imager is not matched by any other device in its class.  Suitable for use by millions of home banking users, online shoppers, single and group sign-on users, the EyeSign is a class of its own.  With built-in patented countermeasure, hardware-level encryption and the intire IrisGuard quality controls, this device ushers in the age of reliable and ease of use for millions of home users around the world.



This speciality dual-eye Iris camera system is designed for the tough and regular use at automatic teller machines-ATM units; with its auto-focus, unique ambient control and patented mount structure, this is the first Iris camera system designed to be retrofitted to an ATM.  With its Patented pupil-control system the EyeTrust provides sustained throughput and accuracy in daytime as well as night time operations.



This patented and self-contained iris payment terminal is the world first iris camera system designed for use at a retail shop to enable customers to pay for their groceries and shopping using their eyes only.  Through its intuitive interface and touch-screen, the EyePay allows the user to select the target payment method and simply look into the camera.



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