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Applications play a bigger role than ever in driving today’s modern businesses. Reliance on these as well as new cloud, virtualization and mobile technologies along with a more distributed workforce create boundless opportunities as well as unique challenges. IT is expected to serve as a broker to deliver these services and applications on-demand to enable agility while also ensuring that the following requirements are met.


-     application availability


-     flexible scalability


-     performance visibility


-     secure access


KEMP’s LoadMaster load balancers support a wide array of web and productivity applications from leading technology vendors including Microsoft, VMware, Oracle and IBM. Additionally, LoadMaster also provides high availability and traffic acceleration for custom .Net applications and web services built on IIS, Apache and other web platforms. This combined with the ability to deploy LoadMaster as a virtual machine, dedicated hardware appliance, public cloud ADC or bare metal software instance provides the greatest level of flexibility.


Since 2000 KEMP Technologies LoadMaster Load Balancers have been providing companies of all sizes with a best in class mix of Enterprise Class performance, great price points and superior technical support.  For High Availability, Traffic Optimization and Scalability of mission critical applications KEMP is the #1 Price/Performance Load Balancer.


All KEMP Load Balancers feature:


-     Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing


-     SSL Offload and SSL Acceleration


-     Comprehensive Heath Checking


-     IPS Security


-     Application Acceleration: Http Caching & Compression


KEMP’s Server Load Balancers are approved by Microsoft for use with MS Exchange & Lync. The Virtual Load Balancer Appliances run on VMware and Hyper-v and can be used for load balancing any kind of server/application.


KEMP Technologies - What we do and how we do it


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