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SolarWinds Downloads  (21 Products)


Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)   Download 30 Day Trial

Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) delivers powerful network performance monitoring at an affordable price. Discover how this network management software simply manages corporate and data center networks of all sizes with expandable modules and scalability engines

Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)   Download 30 Day Trial


Network configuration management has never been simpler or more affordable. Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM) delivers feature-rich but easy-to-use network configuration & change management that can be used standalone or integrated seamlessly with Orion NPM.

Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)    Download 30 Day Trial


Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) analyzes Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, IPFIX, & sFlow data to deliver a complete picture of network traffic, identifying who & what are consuming your bandwidth..

Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM)   Download 30 Day Trial


Orion IP Address Manager provides detailed visibility into IP address space usage, making it easy to minimize conflicts and ensure that network is always available.


Orion Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)   Download 30 Day Trial


Orion Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) delivers a consolidated command center for unified visibility into the remote Orion deployments throughout your geographically distributed networks.



VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM)   Download 30 Day Trial


SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager gives at-a-glance insight into all aspects of VoIP and WAN performance by providing the ability to search and filter your call detail records (CDRs) and call management records. Get a global snapshot of your IP SLA operations in less than an hour.


Firewall Security Manager (FSM)   Download 30 Day Trial


SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager makes multi-vendor firewall management easier than ever. Using Firewall Security Manager, you can analyze security rules, perform security audits and reporting, test changes before actually making them, and troubleshoot firewall configuration issues



User Device Tracker (UDT)   Download 30 Day Trial


Solarwinds User Device Tracker helps locate devices on your network given the IP,MAC address, or hostname. Find devices that are currently connected, or use historical data to see where things were.



Server & Application Monitor (SAM)   Download 30 Day Trial


SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is used to discover applications and get the visibility into application performance and the underlying operating systems and servers they run on.



Web Performance Monitor (WPM)   Download 30 Day Trial

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor takes the mystery out of tracking the response time and health of your critical Web applications and websites, so you can find and fix issues before they impact your users. Incredibly easy to use, Web Performance Monitor offers the powerful, scalable features you need at a price you simply can’t beat.



Patch Manager (PM)   Download 30 Day Trial

SolarWinds Patch Manager software is an affordable, easy to use tool for third-party patch management across tens of thousands of servers and workstations. SolarWinds Patch Manager software lets you leverage and extend the capabilities of Microsoft® WSUS and SCCM to report, deploy, and manage Microsoft and third-party patches.




Storage Resource Monitor   Download 30 Day Trial


Virtualization Manager (VM)   Download 30 Day Trial

SolarWinds virtualization management software delivers unified capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management, & chargeback automation for your virtualized infrastructure.


Log and Event Manager (LEM)   Download 30 Day Trial


SolarWinds’ log management software enables you to identify and resolve problems quickly, ensure compliance with internal and external regulations, and achieve proactive network defense. Combines real time log analysis, event correlation, and ad hoc search to deliver the visibility, security and control you need.



Web Help Desk (WHD)   Download 30 Day Trial


SolarWinds IP web-based IT help desk software delivers an affordable, easy-to-use solution. In less than an hour you can begin to streamline ticketing, automate change management, simplify IT asset management, and build a searchable knowledge base that will decrease the demand on your support team.



ipMonitor   Download 30 Day Trial


Solarwind's ipMonitor delivers up/down monitoring for network devices, servers, & apps at an affordable price. ipMonitor installs in minutes & is really easy to use.


Engineer's Toolset   Download 30 Day Trial


Engineer’s Toolset delivers an advanced collection of must-have monitoring, discovery, diagnostic, and Cisco tools.

Kiwi Syslog Server   Download 30 Day Trial


Kiwi Syslog Server is one of the most trusted Windows®-based syslog servers on the market. Easy to set up and configure, it offers a feature-rich solution for receiving, logging, displaying, alerting, and forwarding syslog and SNMP trap messages from network devices, such as routers, switches, Linux and Unix hosts, and other syslog trap-enabled devices.

Kiwi CatTools   Download 30 Day Trial


Manage & backup network configurations right from your desktop with SolarWinds CatTools. Schedule batch jobs, implement bulk config changes, receive immediate change notifications, generate reports, & more. The right feature-set at an aggressive price.


NTM   Download 30 Day Trial


Generate a network map in minutes. SolarWinds LANsurveyor automatically discovers your network & produces a comprehensive network diagram that can be easily exported to Microsoft Microsoft Office® Visio® and easily shared.



Mobile Admin (MA)   Download 30 Day Trial


Now you can keep a close eye on your IT infrastructure no matter where you are! SolarWinds Mobile Admin (formerly Rove Mobile Admin) enables you to solve any IT issue, anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device. Download a free, fully-functional trial and experience freedom.


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