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With its launch in January 2012, PacketViper distinguished itself by providing the customer the ability to filter countries to the port level with a few clicks of a mouse. Using traditional network firewalls, this process would essentially be impossible. Few global markets have increased in size as  quickly as the cyber security market, and perhaps none are expected to grow more quickly in the near future. 


According to a report on the Markets and Markets website, “The cyber security market is estimated to grow from $95.60 billion in 2014 to $155.74 billion by 2019”.  This represents an annual increase OVER 10% per year.  By comparison, the greatest annual increase in health care costs was 9.5% in 2002, and annual increases in higher education costs topped out at 5% in the late 2000’s.  Make no mistake - cyber security is where companies will be spending their money for at least the next decade, and almost certainly far into the future.


According to a recent report, the cyber-security market is characterized as “highly competitive” and “substantially fragmented”, with leading companies being primarily U.S. based and having defense contractors taking an increasing presence. Despite advances and increasing diversity among the players, reports show that demands for new and creative methods to address cyber-threats will continue to increase steadily and indefinitely. Additionally, reports indicate that companies will continue to have “diverse security requirements” and that “disruptive innovation” by new entries will be highly sought after by the leading companies in the cyber-security market.  Observers therefore expect significant changes in the cyber security market and predict that the landscape of cyber security will see the leading players’ positions changing as a result of their acquisition of these disruptive innovators.


As the reports described above indicate, the key to success in this rapid growth market will involve new and creative methods of stopping cyber attacks.  PacketViper represents precisely the type of disruptive innovation that can ride the tidal wave of emerging security needs.  Not only does PacketViper represent a completely new, unique, and effective method of providing security, but the breadth of product offerings, the ease of use and integration, and low cost enable PacketViper to penetrate all levels of the market. 


PacketViper is a patented bi-directional, Point and Click, Intelligent Geo IP Threat Prevention Filter. The founders at PacketViper saw a gap in existing security environments and invented a new layer which scrubs out network traffic before it enters the security environment. Sometimes referred to as country filtering or blocking, Geo-IP filtering allows your network to choose places in the world from which it will accept or deny network traffic. More importantly, PacketViper’s innovative advances in Geo-IP Filtering enable new and unparalleled levels of precision that allow businesses to avoid dangerous areas without excluding potentially valuable customers or business.


Palo Alto, SonicWall, Barracuda, or FortiNET Is Not PacketViper!


Although we are often compared to top firewall providers, the reality is THAT PacketViper is complementary to these products and serves a significantly different purpose.  Firewalls open ports, allow traffic to them, then analyse traffic for malicious intent. PacketViper helps firewalls by limiting who has access to the exposed network ports, by observing the traffic on a global perspective, and by continually analyzing that traffic and advising our clients as to how best to allow and dis-allow which traffic reaches the firewall. Importantly, although most application layer firewalls come with some form of a Geo IP feature, structural and technical realities preclude them from achieving the precision, accuracy, effectiveness, impact, and usefulness of PacketViper.




Simply add PacketViper to your security environment and you will immediately and dramatically reduce the amount of traffic that enters.  You will see immediate and positive impacts on firewalls, spam filters, IDS, and logging systems, as they will operate far more efficiently when not inundated with wasteful, unwanted, and dangerous traffic.




In a matter of minutes PacketViper will remove the unwanted traffic entering your security environment. This immediately eliminates the pressure to everything because those systems no longer need to scrutinize the wasteful traffic. No long training involved, simply point and click and PacketViper does the rest! Don't let anyone tell you Geo-IP filtering can't be done, or can be done with what you have. 




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