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Privaris focuses its technology expertise on the intersection of high security biometric applications and the individual's right to personal privacy. The company's hardware and software products apply the power and security of fingerprint biometrics to everyday life.


Privaris has designed and developed a family of key-fob sized, personal, mobile devices that authenticate an individual's identity before interacting with their existing security systems used for granting access to buildings, offices, and garages (physical security), and computers, networks, and websites (logical security), as well as with the latest "wave and pay" contactless point-of-sale terminals for biometrically authenticated credit card transactions.


Privaris products are targeted for use by the average consumer, small businesses, corporate enterprises of all sizes, and federal, state and local governments. It has established partnerships with security industry leaders such as: Broadcom (semiconductor design and development) and HID (world's largest provider of RFID hardware and security systems). By applying innovative product design, manufacture, and distribution, Privaris is enabling the widespread adoption of personal and affordable biometric security solutions across a broad segment of society – today.


plusID products

The plusID product line of secure, wireless devices transforms biometric security as we know it today.

plusID is the world's first personal biometric fingerprint token. One device provides secure access to multiple facilities, computers, and networks. Adding the heightened security of biometrics has never been easier, more economical, or widely accepted.

plusID personal biomettic devices provide:



Work seamlessly with existing physical and logical security systems – no changes required to installed infrastructure, allowing for rapid enterprise integration.



Replaces multiple access cards and passwords. Keychain attachable, quick and easy to use – typical authentication times of a second or less.



All biometric processing including enrollment and template matching is performed on the user’s personal device – never exposing biometric data to external servers, readers or databases.



One device grants secure access to multiple facilities, computers and networks.



Uses tamper-resistant secure processor (BCM5890) and is built to withstand digital and physical attack, transmits encrypted credentials, cannot be used by anyone else if lost or stolen.

Long Life              Approximately 1,000 uses between recharges.  Recharges over USB or via wall charger.


The plusID confirms its user's identity for secure access to protected resources – be it a tangible, physical asset or protected area, or intangible computer-based data. Each plusID biometric device can support multiple application combinations so that a user needs only one device for all of their access authentication needs.


Physical Access

.     exterior/main entrances to buildings/   facilities

.     interior doors to mission critical rooms, e.g., computer server rooms, records rooms, armories, network control centers, air traffic control rooms.

.     parking garages

.     vehicle gates at guarded facilities (from up to 100 meters)

.     cabinets (e.g., drugs, hazardous materials, combustibles)


Logical/IT Access, Local or remote access to:

.     PCs

.     networks

.     VPNs

.     email

.     encrypted files

.     encrypted folders

.     password protected software applications

.     password protected websites


Credential Transfer, Replacement of identity documents, such as:

.     driver licenses

.     passports

.     corporate or government ID badges



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