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Professional Services

Anchored by our technical expertise gained through decades of experience, Datamex Technologies Inc. provides

organizations the depth of knowledge, professionalism, and commitment required to successfully complete and implement IT projects. We offer companies and organizations the following professional services:



. Consultation/Needs Analysis


  A discussion and understanding of an organization's Informaton Technology needs and/or requirements are explored

  via a one-to-one conference call with one of our technology partners. During this call, general and technical questions

  may be asked relating to specific organizational situations, needs, and requirements and the possibility of adopting

  certain products or a combination or products. This could be followed by an on-site visit to further evaluate the scope

  and complexity of the requirement.



. Evaluation Services


  We provide hardware/software evaluation packages free of charge (including shipping costs) usually for a period

  of 30 days. If necessary, the evaluation period may be extended. After the evaluation period, the equipment is either

  purchased or returned to us. A successful evaluation engagement is usually followed by equipment purchase and

  custom installation. 


  At every stage of the evaluation period and installation process, a qualified systems engineer is assigned to support

  the customer. Technical issues uncovered at any stage are dealt with as expediently as possible.



. Installation Services


  A qualified systems engineer working with a company's internal staff will install products purchased from us.

  In order to ensure a smooth install, a detailed checklist is reviewed prior to the actual installation. This checklist

  is usually completed by a company's technical services department.



  Educational Services


  We provide training and educational services tailored to specific products and needs of organizations. These

  services could be provided in-house or delivered at the customer's place of business. These training sessions are

  usually delivered hands-on to maximize effectiveness. 



Support/Maintenance Contracts


  We provide support and maintenance contracts for all products that we sell. A number of support formats are

  available (e.g. 24/7, NDOS, SLAs, etc.). The choice is usually driven by customer needs and requirements.









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