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Pulse Secure


Pulse Secure is a "new" company born from the sale of Juniper Networks Junos Pulse product line to Siris Capital, a leading private equity firm. They have a 10+ years understanding of customer needs and goals, and as a standalone company, Pulse Secure now brings additional resources and focus to solve the challenges in enterprise mobility faster than ever before.


Great companies are built by great people. Pulse Secure has a global team of talented individuals dedicated to keeping your business and end-users secure and connected. They are driven to ensure that you and your end users get the safest on-premise and off-premise mobility solutions that are also incredibly simple and intuitive to use.


Pulse Connect Secure


.    End-user connectivity and security from any device when off-premise in remote access locations


.    Rich mobile connectivity options built on industry leading SSL VPN technology


.    Application access breadth with Pulse Secure client and clientless rewriter access technology


.    Device compliance-based access, for ensuring the right levels of security for all your stakeholders.


Pulse Policy Secure


.    Seamless user connectivity from any device while ensuring intelligent and context-aware security


.    The most advanced network access control solution on the market.


.    Easier BYOD enablement with automated onboarding.


.    Broad security automation and interoperability using industry standards



Pulse Workspace


.    Give BYOD workers the native user experience they want with the mobile security and productivity your company needs.


.    Enforce a single corporate security standard for both iOS and Android devices.


.    Protect corporate information against leakage with container security that controls data sharing between apps and connects directly to your VPN.


.    Select any mobile app for Workplace use and assign it via policy and without app wrapping or SDK modification.


Pulse One


.    Manage VPN, NAC and Mobile from a single, easy-to-use console.


.    Unify management and compliance oversight for laptops, smartphones and tablets with an intuitive, web-based console.


.    Automatically update appliance configuration, policies, software and features with custom-defined management groups.


.    Track overall system health and appliance status using drill-down dashboards and reporting.


Pulse Secure Client


.    From network to mobile security, trust your enterprise mobility to a security leader you trust


.    Device-level integrity and security through a unified client and leading edge Android Anti-Virus


.    End-to-End data protection from data-in-motion to data-at-rest encryption and data policy


.    Cloud-based management interfaces to make administration and monitoring easy and modern.




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