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RSA Security

RSA, The Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider of intelligence-driven security solutions. RSA helps the world’s leading organizations solve their most complex and sensitive security challenges: managing organizational risk, safeguarding mobile access and collaboration, preventing online fraud, and defending against advanced threats. RSA delivers agile controls for identity assurance, fraud detection, and data protection; robust Security Analytics and industry-leading GRC capabilities; and expert consulting and advisory services.

RSA Authentication Manager

The Ultimate Authentication Engine


The platform behind RSA SecureID that allows for centralized management of RSA SecureID environment including authentication methods, users, applications, and agents across multiple physical sites.  It verifies authentication requests and centrally administers authentication policies for organizations' end users.




.     Centralized Management

      Provides streamlined management of your SecureID environment through and browser-based administration console


.     Authentication Choice

      Supports a variety of authentication methods including hardware tokens, software tokens, risk-based, and on-demand Short Message 

      Service (SMS) authentication.


.     Interoperability


      Integrates with more than 400 industry-leading partner solutions including virtual private network (VPN), firewall, and web application

      providers through the RSA Ready program.


.     Platform Flexibility

      Supports the most popular and widely deployed operating system platforms, VMware and Microsoft virtual environments, and hardware

      appliances with preloaded software.



RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens


Protect your high value applications with the industry's highest quality, two-factor authentication device.  Gain two-actor authetication,

hard-disk encryption, email and transaction signing capabilities - with just one token.


Quality Authenticators

Reduce token costs and help-desk calls by deploying the industry's highest quality hardware token.



Enable multi-user needs with just one token and leverage two-factor authentication, hard-disk encryption, and email signing



Demonstrate your commitment to security while maintaining your corporate look and feel by customizing SecureID tokens.


Lifetime Warranty

Rely on a warranty that covers each SecureID hardware token over the entire life of the device.



Protect users and sensitive data using  an authentication approach that combines time, an algorithm, and a unique identifier

to strengthen cryptographic value.


RSA SecureID Software Tokens


Make strong authentication a convenient part of doing business.  Deploy RSA software tokens on mobile devices (smartphones, tables, and PCs) and transform them into intelligent security tokens.



SecureID Software Tokens use the same industry-leading time-based algorithm used in RSA SecureID.


Secure Provisioning

Software tokens use a secure provisioning protocol, Cryptographic Token Key Initialization Protocol (CT-KIP), with the option of Quick Response (QR) code provisioning that requires no transmission of confidential token information over the network and can securely bind a token to a device.


End-user Convenience

Software tokens reduce the number of devices users have to manage to gain safe and secure access to corporate assets.


Investment Protection

Companies can reissue software tokens when users leave the organization.


Platform Flexibility

SecureID Software Tokens support a variety of the most popular and widely deployed mobile plaftorms.




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